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Spot 2020 EPS Edges Closer to R100

Sasol Ingham

I am looking at crazy numbers now for Sasol spot earnings with the rand having gone to R15.20/$ and with Brent crude at $79/bbl. With these two variables having been Sasol earnings positive for some time now, the price of SOL is going to remain elevated above what a through the cycle view would price it at. We are now two months in to Sasol’s 2019 financial year. If oil stays at current levels until December then close to $75/bbl could be the average for the 2019 financial year.

“Spot 2020 EPS Edges Closer to R100”

Sasol [JSE:SOL]

Share price: R575

Net shares in issue: 612,2 million 

Market cap: R352 billion

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What you need to know:   

At $79/bbl and with the rand at R15.20/$, then spot EPS for Sasol in F2019 is R66 per share rather than R50 per share in the base case scenario. For F2018, Brent averaged $63.62/bbl and the rand R12.85/$. EPS came in at R36.03.

For F2020, with Brent at $79/bbl and with the rand at R15.20/$, EPS climbs to R98 per share.

The longer oil remains above $70/bbl region and the rand stays roughly where it is, then EPS is going to higher than R60 per share this financial year.

Assuming this stronger for longer oil scenario plays out, with the rand on the back foot, the share price is likely to find a firm base at around the R525 to R550 region rather than R500 or below.  

Easy Equities investors should recall that because Sasol is very sensitive to these external variables a pull back on oil and the rand would have a disproportionate effect on the share price. However, this is a good long term stock to be exposed to, helped by the solid business fundamentals and the likelihood of strong cash flows, at an opportune time as debt to equity peaks after a large capital expenditure programme, most notably on the Lake Charles project in the United States.


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