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The Young Warren Buffett of Bothaville


Henno Nel Portfolio insights

Who needs the “Oracle of Omaha” or those investors from the “Sherwood Forest” when we have our very own investment extraordinaire, Henno Nel all the way from Bothaville.

This young #EasyVestor has been keeping up with the markets and is giving some of the seasoned professionals a run for their money when it comes to his portfolio's performance.

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EasyResearch asks some in-depth questions to the young investor about his portfolio, stock selection, management style and most importantly performance:

Q: Would you regard yourself as a Fundamental or Technical investor? Or a bit of both?

A: “I am more of a fundamental investor, but I do look at technical analysis before I invest in a company.”

Q: Tell me about your investment process, how do you pick stocks for your portfolio?

A:Firstly, I look at the financials and graphs of the companies I know about, then I decide whether it is “investable” for me. Otherwise I Google, “best companies to invest in on the ‘JSE'. (or the name of any other stock exchange), then I look at the financials and the graphs. Then I look at the news to see if something big is going to happen to the company that can affect the stock price. I always use the graphs to look at the past performance of the stock, so that I can have a better view on when to buy, and at what price to buy, I usually buy in the “dip”.”

Q: Do you have specific days you buy your stocks? Or do you buy according to your analysis?

A: No, not really but if I can see a pattern in the past graphs where the stock price is cheaper on certain days, I shall wait and buy on that specific day.”

Q: Do you subscribe to or follow any financial news, research channels on social media?

A: “Yes, I make use of YAHOO finance app. I also follow a lot of “finance news companies” on social media, and my Google Discover page is full of financial news about the stock market and the companies I have invested in.”

Q: How is your portfolio performing over the last year with all the volatility in the markets?

A: From 11th June 2019 to 26th June 2020, the total growth of all my portfolios is 26.82%

Let’s look at Mr Henno’s local (ZAR) portfolio and stock selection:

My ZAR account: From 11th June 2019 to 26th June 2020 the growth on my ZAR account is 18.68% and below a Pie chart of my holdings in South Africa”

henno zar pie

Q: Do you invest offshore?

A: Yes, I do! 62.55% of my investments are in the US. The growth of my portfolio in the US is 39.45% from the 2nd December 2019 to 26th June 2020.”

His offshore (USD) portfolio stock selection:

“My USD Account: From 2nd December 2019 to 26th June 2020 the growth on my USD account is 39.45% and below a Pie chart of my holdings in the U.S”

henno usd pie chart


What does EasyResearch say

Mr Henno is no veteran, he is a young 16 year old with an immense passion for investing and sharing his investment journey with others. He is also dispelling the notion that young people can’t beat their older and much “wiser” investment counterparts, which is awesome!

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A well-diversified portfolio goes a long way, coupled with a good offshore component to drive returns and sticking to your mandate is well played by the young #EasyVestor.

Source – Henno Nel

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