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Our latest INVSTR portfolio overview is from a “futuristic investor” called Cay-Low Mbedzi and in his own words, “yes, it’s my real name”. Cay-Low has been investing for close to a year now and has been taking full advantage of what the EasyEquities platform has to offer.

The journey

In the journey of investing, I can personally consider myself a futuristic investor with a risk appetite that is limited to equities that show the potential of growth over time and which may be key role players in the future of science and technology.

Being an investor & activist has built a mindset to start encouraging more people particularly youth to start being financially literate and start investing by letting their money work for them.

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Cay-Low has been kind enough to share some of his portfolio holdings with EasyResearch in the efforts to help and inform new budding INVSTRs on the platform.

Portfolio insights

I pick stocks based on the country’s PESTLE, this for one is the reason why I haven’t started investing in any other country stocks but that of my own which is South Africa which limits my risk appetite to what I’m related to, I’m more focused on fundamentals but as a “futuristic investor," I chase stocks which are still at their lowest of all time which for one, a person can also argue that this is “technicals" News around certain industries also contributes to the decision on whether to invest in a certain company or not.

Side notes for our INVSTRs - PESTLE stands for Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, and Environmental. So, using PESTLE Analysis gives an investor overview of the whole environment and from many different angles when making investment decisions.

Top portfolio holdings

Within my stock picks, there are stocks which I have picked for trading, believing that this assists me in my portfolio expansion to purchase more stocks, while others are medium and long-term looking at the dealings that they are busy with and the news behind them and the Industry they operate under.

Orion Minerals (ORN) Orion has over the past few weeks since last year started showing significant growth be by starting to rebuild South Africa’s brand in copper export local use, the copper demand will be default increase looking into the digital transition that we are undertaking as a society and looking at the dealings that the company is undertaking, it shows potential growth.

ArcelorMittal SA Limited (ACL) a company dealing with steel, looking into research, steel demand will start to rise, and for one steel is one of the scrap metals which will be a contributor to the "new world" we will be living in so I believe that this one will also become a winner as it has already shown significant growth adding that I look forward to the effect of export duties in South Africa which will come into play this year April.

Merafe Resources Limited (MRF) Chrome ore production remains one biggest problem and a power supply burden to the economy, looking into new laws which may soon enable mining companies to generate at least 50MW for self-use, I see the Ferro Chrome industry growing significantly which for one South Africa the leading country in Chrome, export duties on this metal will and may have a significant impact on the company's market position.

Jubilee Metals Group PLC (JBL) I consider it as a commodity basket which includes Platinum, Chrome, Lead, Zinc, Vanadium, Copper, and Cobalt. The company has operations for Copper in the Southern Africa region leader of copper, which is Zambia, Africa's second-largest copper miner.

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My portfolio has had significant growth which enabled me to expand my portfolio into other companies. I am currently a shareholder of at least 11 companies, I consider certain stocks in my portfolio high risk but as such being a futuristic investor, I am eager to take the risks with what I am willing to lose. But a win in the risk will enable me to expand my investment portfolio into more commodities/raw material and equities which will be in need to make the imagined future possible.

Words of wisdom from Cay-Low, “my simplified way of explaining shares for newcomers”:

The stock market in simple English is the market where companies including banks sell their securities (shares) to the public and institutions. These are the physical companies you see and purchase goods/services from on a day-to-day basis e.g., Shoprite, Game, Pep, Apple, Toyota, Ford, Nedbank, Absa etc. The companies use this platform to raise funds to acquire assets or operations etc. through selling their shares. Anyone can list their company on the stock exchange to raise capital, depending on whether they meet certain requirements specified by the stock market

When buying these shares, you have the privilege of being part of the company’s growth or the downside which will be a downfall, and being a shareholder enables you to partake in the company’s corporate actions which include AGMs and decisions. Read through the fundamentals of the companies you want to invest in.

Companies listed on the stock market can be listed for 20 years if not longer or sometimes less depending on its position in the general market. Therefore, it’s important to do research with the question, Will this company still be where it is today after 5-10 years? If not longer period or shorter, depending on how long you wish to hold shares in the company. *There is no specific period to hold your shares, you can buy or sell the shares anytime.

You do not have to be an employee or employer of your favorite company to earn an income from the company, being a shareholder, you can obtain capital gain through buying shares at a low price and selling them at a higher price or awaiting to receive dividends between 1 to 4 times a year depending on how many dividends pay-outs a company offers.

Happy Investing!

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