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Xero Ltd (XRO)

Xero is a company providing real value to small business, through their automation. Who doesn’t hate admin? Xero offloads this burden to some extent when running your business.

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Backdrop and Fundamentals

Personally, using their services, I can tell you that they have a very sticky product.

They are operating in various countries, with the main areas being Australia, New Zealand and the UK, but that is not where it ends. They even have a large footprint in a country like South Africa, Singapore and Malaysia.

  • Current share price = A$117.86
  • Share price performance year-to-date = +47.78%

Their subscribers, revenues and footprint are growing, and they are operating in a massive industry with loads of potential. Their management have shown that they are equipped for the job, even in global storms like 2020. The only risk that I can see is too many businesses closing down, which might affect them in the short term.

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Informed decisions and opinion

Xero have shown that they can weather storms this year. They are actually growing, I mean even FinMeUp opened a new account a month ago with Xero. I also have family members and friends using their accounting software, all based in South Africa!

So, this Australian company is global. They offer great services for small businesses and definitely a company worth looking into for the long term.

It had a very nice run the past month, so you can wait for a pullback, but who knows, it might never happen.

I like the space that they operate in and think there is long term potential, especially as their business model allows easy scalability. They are also in the business of helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses, which fits in with my personal vision.

Xero’s software makes all of the above-mentioned products simplistic and easy to use and when you are running a business, you need all of those products.

In the short term, I think they might be affected by the global economy suffering, so I won’t be surprised if they experience a small pullback.

I am a long-term investor, so I don’t care about short term volatility, so I will be buying Xero shares for the long term.

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