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2 Dividend Stock Picks to Watch this October


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Earnings season is upon us; the dreaded U.S market sell-off should be coming to an end if seasonality holds, which could see every "Buy the Dip” enthusiast celebrate and drive prices higher.

EasyResearch looks at 2 Dividend Stocks to keep an eye on:

ConocoPhillips (COP)

Another energy conglomerate makes the October stock pick list, and it is none other than the oil giant ConocoPhillips. This international integrated energy company is organized into six operating segments: Exploration and Production, Midstream, Refining and Marketing, LUKOIL Investment, Chemicals, and Emerging Businesses.

The oil company’s latest acquisition, Concho Resources, is paying dividends as per the latest quarterly earnings report, which showed the company had reaped the rewards of higher oil prices during Q2.

The company posted its best quarterly earnings since 2018 with adjusted earnings per share of $1.27 or $1.7 billion, which beat analyst expectations. This is a complete turnaround story considering the oil company posted an adjusted loss of $1 billion a year ago. The oil giant produced a gusher of cash, enabling it to return more to shareholders via its repurchase program. It expects to continue generating and returning free cash flow in the coming years, making it a lower-risk oil stock. “- Matthew DiLallo

  • Share Price: $ 74.92
  • Market Cap: $ 100.32 billion.
  • P/E Ratio: 48.8x
  • P/B Ratio: 2.3x
  • Dividend (Annual Yield %): 2.46%
  • 52 Week range low of $ 27.53 and $ 75.10 share high.

Dividends - ConocoPhillips declared a $0.46 per share quarterly dividend, which is going ex-dividend on the 27th of October 2021, and the scheduled dividend payment date is the 1st of December 2021.

Outlook – ConocoPhillips should perform well during the final quarter of 2021, especially if energy prices continue to rise as expected. Goldman Sachs is already calling for $90 a barrel oil prices as global demand increases by the end of the year. Analysts expect a beat in the oil company's subsequent earnings expected around the 2nd of November 2021.

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Hasbro, Inc. (HAS)

Hasbro has outlasted its competition and has truly transformed into a force to be reckoned with, not only as a toymaker but also in the entertainment realm.

The 80s toymaker has been recovering from its pandemic slump, evident by its second-quarter earnings update, which showed a 54% increase in revenue from a year ago. Adjusted net earnings of $ 1.05 per share blew analyst expectations out of the water in Q2, showing the company repaid $250 million in debts. The entertainment segment also contributed to the bottom line and saw a 47% increase in revenue year over year.

Hasbro also turned its focus back to TV/ Film and entertainment with its Entertainment One (eOne) acquisition in 2020. The eOne team is working on over 200 productions, which means that Hasbro could become a dominant content producer for online streaming companies.

  • Share Price: $ 90.00
  • Market Cap: $ 12.39 billion.
  • P/E Ratio: 29.6x
  • P/B Ratio: 4.3x
  • Dividend (Annual Yield %): 3.02%
  • 52 Week range low of $ 81.69 and $ 104.89 share high.

Dividends - Hasbro has declared a $0.68 per share quarterly dividend, which is going ex-dividend on the 29th of October 2021, and the scheduled dividend payment date is the 11th of November 2021.

Outlook – The famous brand's maker is not only sitting in a great position from a content perspective but is always looking to evolve its business to adapt to the times. Hasbro expects the momentum to keep going with double-digit revenue growth for the FY21, despite the recent market sell-off.

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Informed decisions

Investors should always make wise decisions, and good dividend stocks should always be part of an INVSTRs portfolio strategy over the long term, so choose wisely and reap the rewards. For more details on other company’s dividends, head on over to the Nasdaq Dividend Calendar for daily updates.

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Take note: Stock data was taken on the 8th of October 2021. 

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