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What we're investing in this month: TeamEasy on their TFSAs Nov 17

TFSA podcast Nov 17

Standwa Nongauza, Waylon Smit, Shaun Keeling and Carly Barnes chat about the Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), baskets and bundles they are interested in buying in their Tax Free Savings Accounts each month.

This month Waylon talks about the new Cloud Atlas AMI Big50 ex-SA ETF and how he likes that it tracks top companies in Africa. Shaun is also investing in this ETF this month. Read more about that here.

Standwa's solid favourite is the Satrix INDI ETF

Carly's adding more Coreshares S&P 500 ETF to boost her portfolio with global exposure.

If you're ready to start investing in your Tax Free Savings Account but aren't quite sure how it works, here's a video to help you get started: