New EasyUSD Stocks Have Landed

EasyEquities just added new shares in the USD offering, exposing EasyVSTRs to new and evolving markets in the United States.

We look into some of the recently added companies on our platform that may offer EasyVSTRs an opportunity to invest as the global economy moves forward.

Lilium NV (LILM)

Lilium NV is an aircraft development company that’s bringing radical transformation to the aircraft space. The group develops high-speed, electric-powered vehicles that bring disruptive innovation with vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capabilities.


Highlighted in the company's third-quarter results, commercial deals include:

  • First vertiport permitted for Palm Beach International Airport for exclusive use of Lilium
  • Ferrovial partnership expanded 
  • Lilium will have access to 45 Vertiports in the United Kingdom and Spain 
  • Stuttgart Airport added to German network
  • Agreement with global infrastructure leader ABB on charging infrastructure 

Making progress in testing its fifth-generation technology demonstrator, the company is set to expand its test campaign to Spain once all requirements are met. Lilium’s shares started trading late in the 2021 third quarter (Q3). This was after a resolution by Qell shareholder approved to combine Qell Acquisition Corp with Lilium – the listing by 15 September was associated with a $584 million gross proceedings. The company is currently trading at around $4 per share as of writing with a market cap of $1.2 billion, as of writing.

On track with the 2021 budget, the company had total spending of $221 million, with operational spending for the quarter being at $56.6 million. As of 30 September 2021, Lillium’s cash balance was $529 million.

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SOS Limited (SOS)

If you've heard about the blockchain and the metaverse – big buzzwords right now – then you should know how many resources are required to operate them. As we move more into the "techno world", as I'd call it, supercomputers are at the core of making this a reality. SOS Limited has been and remains in the progress of positioning itself in the supercomputing market


Trading at around $0.70 per share, the company is in the process of constructing its Wisconsin Center, a supercomputing and hosting centre. The centre stands to benefit from renewable energy after expanding its power grid to 50MW.

According to Yandai Wang, SOS chairperson: "The supercomputing and hosting centre in Wisconsin is an important part of SOS's efforts to create its own blockchain technology-based ecosystem.

"We look forward to launching our supercomputing and hosting service business in Wisconsin in the first quarter of 2022."

This comes after the company upscaled its crypto mining operations and formed a joint venture that will be hosting SOS’s supercomputing centre, the Digital Super Computing Operations Center. In the 2021 calendar year (CY21) also raised $3.4 million to expand its smart vending and digital marketing platform.

By the end of the company's six-month period ending 30 June 2021, SOS revenue increased to $184.5 million, representing a growth of over 1800% from the reported revenue in the previous comparative period of $9.9 million. As a result of its crypto mining operations, gross profit improved during the period to $17.2 million from $0.8 million PCP in June 2020. SOS cash balance was sitting at $185 million compared to $0.61 million PCP. Given the revenue and the number of outstanding shares (234.05 million), SOS had an EPS of $0.79 per share and was trading relatively below its earnings with a PE ratio of 0.9x, as of writing.

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Quantum-Si Inc (QSI)

Trading at around $4, Quantum-Si Inc is a biotech company focused on advancing the next generation semiconductor chips that will enable what it calls "single-molecule next-generation protein sequencing".

Prior to its listing by June 2021, Quantum merged with HighCape Capital Acquisition Corp, a health-focused company. This transaction provided Quantum with a capital injection of over $500 million.


According to Dr Jonathan Rothberg, founder and chairperson of Quantum, the merger "will power the commercialisation of our technology to disrupt the rapidly growing proteomics market.

"Having been at the forefront of next-generation DNA sequencing, it is very fitting that our team is also on the cusp of making next-generation protein sequencing a reality."

As of the third quarter of the company's fiscal year (FY21 Q3), Quantum reported a cash balance greater than $500 million with at least more than 500 patents rewarded/filed. Making commercial progress in the year, the company expanded its understanding of proteoforms (a term used for describing protein complexity or rather protein species) to 1,000,000 proteoforms, from the range of the known proteins (10,000). The company is currently trading with a market cap of $550 million, as of writing.

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As inflation continues to take a toll on the global economy, stocks, especially tech looking stocks - may face volatility as more data reveal how widespread inflation is.

Furthermore, with oil prices remaining high, as a driving factor of inflation, this may contribute to triggering a sell-off in markets moving closer to the period when central banks review inflation, consumer price and spending data, which may be an opportunity for investors to buy the dip.

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